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Creators of the Zeus Internet Marketing Robot


Simple Link Maintenance
Created by
Creators of the Zeus Internet Marketing Robot

Simple to Install! - Simple to use!

4Linking is a FREE, simple-to-use, Link Request Form that works on ANY web site. Just simply paste simple HTML code on the web page of your choice.

  • It's FREE - No catch, no fine print. Works on ANY web site!
  • Sends you an informative email when someone requests a link trade.
  • Increases search engine traffic by increasing the number of links to your web site.  Increase your chances to be in the top 10 listings.
  • Easily keep track of your link trades!
  • Checks for a link to your web site, before submission is final - Optional.
  • Web Site Rankings Included - Make proper choices whether to link or not, with web site ratings - Google PageRank, Alexa rating and incoming Link totals.
  • Eliminates Link Marketing spam completely! - It ceases to exist!
  • Save hundreds of work hours by eliminating most of the important, tedious jobs, pertaining to linking.
  • Validates all requesting webmaster's input data. Validates email addresses, URL addresses, text, etc. before final submission. No more hunting for email addresses.
  • You are notified of a link trade request by email instantly - including all linking, web site data, web site ratings, and HTML source code.
  • 10 minute setup - even for beginners - ANY web site, even template-driven ones.
  • Notifications include HTML source code ready for inserting into your web page, for a professional link directory look.

As everyone knows, trading links are a great way to get traffic to your web site and high rankings in the Search Engines through their "Link Popularity" algorithm.

But its a hassle trying to approve and keep track of all those links! Webmasters take your link off without you knowing, create no-follow tags so it won't benefit your web site and hide their directories so you don't get credit for those links.

When someone requests a link, do you spend a lot of time checking everything to see if they are linking to you, validate everything, check their Google PageRank, Alexa rating, incoming Link totals and then wasting a lot of time looking for a valid email address? I know I have! But not any more!

Cyber-Robotics has created a new FREE Link Request Form product that will save you tons of time and requires NO complicated set up. You simply copy and paste a few lines of html code into your web page. Instant Link Request Form with lots of free features!

Dramatically increases links to your web site by making sure a link exists before the submission is complete.

When someone request a link by filling out your Link Request Form, we'll check to make sure a link to you exists, before letting them finalize the form submission. If everything checks out, an email will be sent to you AND a copy to the webmaster submitting the form. The email will include all the submitted information, plus data on the requesting web site, like :

  • Google PageRank,
  • Alexa rating,
  • Major search engine incoming link totals,
  • DMOZ Theme Category,
  • Etc.

We give you the information you need to quickly and efficiently make a decision whether to add the link to your links directory or not.

Eliminates spam by an Anti-Spam word, data comparison to make sure data is correct and not just filled in by a stupid spam-bot, then most importantly, checks to make sure proper links exist - something no spammer would would ever do.

No CGI scripts to install. Just register for an account and enter your web site information. The correct HTML code will be automatically generated for you so you can easily insert the HTML code into any web page. From start to finish should take approximately 10 minutes.


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